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Adriano Gentilucci
Aug 21, 2022
Price estimation
Easy to use and and does not require intermediate steps like registration or an appointment to get an answer. All online.

You see your home valuation in a matter of seconds after answering just a few questions. In my case the value range was a bit higher than expected, which was a good surprise for me.
Claire Simpson
Aug 2, 2022
Excellent service to discover current real estate values
An excellent service to help buyers and sellers properly evaluate the current prices of real estate. Extremely useful. Finally, the pricing power is not only with real estate agents and appraisers. Thank you, RealAdvisor.
Jul 27, 2022
Super easy to use property valuation website
I used this service to check the price of the apartment I lived in and I found the website to be super easy to use and very accurate compared with prices of a similar apartment in my building that was for sale last year. I’ll definitely be using this site before buying my first property!
Bruno Grayson
Jul 12, 2022
Real easy to use tools
Real easy to use tools! RealAdvisor sends you recurrent reminders to help you manage your appraisals and searches
Simone Arizzi
Jul 9, 2022
RealAdvisor is an excellent tool for a...
RealAdvisor is an excellent tool for a rapid evaluation of your property. Simple to use, transparent and more accurate the more people use it.

Make the most of your sale with RealAdvisor

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1. Get the current market value of your home in 2 minutes

Estimate your home value instantly with our online home estimate tool.

2. Learn about your local market

Explore the latest housing market trends in your region. Price evolution, inventory, time to sell… Get smarter before making a decision.
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3. Compare local agents

Browse professionals in your area to find the best match to sell your property. We help you select the most efficient partner to ensure the success of your sale.

4. Meet your agent

Show your home to the agent of your choice and decide on the best marketing strategy together. Your agent will prepare a detailed CMA and give you professional advice on getting the most out of your home.
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5. Sell your home fast and for more money

Now you are ready to maximize the value of your transaction by combining the power of technology with the best talent in real estate.

How much is your home worth?

Free online property valuation in 2 minutes
Estimate your home value

Current market value

Get an accurate estimate of the current market value of your property.

Past transactions

How much did they pay?
Consult all historical deeds on the property.

Property owners

See the names of the current owners of the property.

Tax assessments

Get the tax assessments of both the land and improvements.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

RealAdvisor is completely free to use. If you decide to hire an agent on the platform, compensation will be determined at market rates between you and your agent. In any case, until you sell your home, you won’t have to pay anything.

How do you select agents?

Our partner agents go through a thorough qualification process,  making sure that they are properly licensed, looking at their track record and their client reviews.

How does the valuation work?

The valuation is based on an AVM, which is a statistical regression (a form of artificial intelligence) that automatically calculates the current market value of homes based on historical transactions and current listings.

Where is RealAdvisor available?

To help you sell your home RealAdvisor is available throughout the United States as well as France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

What if I change my mind?

When you decide to hire a real estate agent, you sign a listing agreement with them. You are free to cancel the agreement according to the terms set forth in the contract between you and the agent.

How long have you been around?

RealAdvisor was founded in June 2017.

Where does the market data come from?

The market data comes from public records as well as various MLS and other private sources.

I’m an agent. How can I work with you?

If you are an agent and you would like to sell more homes, you can apply by visiting
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Want to explore more about home values and how to use them?

Visit our blog for additional tips on how to estimate home values and get more details on the methodology of home value estimates. RealAdvisor is a complete resource for online home valuations.
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