How much is my home worth?

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How RealAdvisor's home value estimator works

Home valuation tool

RealAdvisor’s home valuation tool gives you a real-time estimate of your home’s value. Our valuation model is based on analyzing actual closed sales in the vicinity of your home. We also layer homes currently for sale that your home will be competing against.

Our Home Valuation Model analyzes 70 criteria

To provide an accurate and reliable home value estimate we analyze multiple data points across the following criteria:

  • 20 criteria of your home are compared against homes that recently sold in your area. We take into account features such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, age of your home, and more.
  • 50 criteria pertaining to the location of your home. We consider access to public transportation, shopping, and schools. We also consider factors such as neighborhood safety, population growth, and other intangibles that have an impact on the value of real estate.

How our home valuation model works

Our home valuation model has a higher degree of accuracy as we take into account thousands of recent sales in your area to gauge market trends. We then layer relevant comparable sales in your local neighborhood using our 70 criteria model. Next we analyze current homes for sale. The result is a reliable home value estimate.

We use real-time data from local county records where all home sales are recorded. We also use data feeds from the local real estate associations where all homes for sale are listed. Our valuation model is continuously updated with recorded closed sales data and the most current listings. We provide value estimates based on the most recent information available.

How much is your home worth?

Free online property valuation in 2 minutes
Estimate your home value

Frequently asked questions

How do our free home value estimates work?

There are alternatives to our free home valuation tool to calculate your home’s value. You can hire an appraiser who can give you an actual appraisal report. You can also have a local real estate agent give you a comparative market analysis (CMA). This is another form of finding out your home value.

What other methods exist there to calculate my home value?

Usage of home value estimator there is no only one way how you can estimate your home value. There are some other methods how to calculate the home value, for example using an appraiser, looking up the property's assessment value, or hiring a real estate agent to provide a comparative market analysis.

Why do I need to know my home’s value?

There are numerous reasons homeowners may need to know their home value. The most common reason is if you are thinking of selling. Getting an online home value estimate is a starting point to plan your finances for your move and helps you prepare to find a local real estate agent.

Another common reason is if you are thinking of refinancing or getting a home equity loan. You will need to know the value of your home and compare it against what you currently owe against it. This will determine your equity and allow you to plan accordingly.

One additional instance where you may need to know your home value is for insurance purposes. There are types of insurance that will require that you provide a value for your house in order to issue certain types of policies.

Lastly, you may need to contest your local tax assessor’s value estimate. There have been many instances in which the assessor has overvalued property and charged homeowners excessive taxes.

Will I get my home value report?

You will get a home value report instantly once you go through our short home value estimation questions.

What is next after I get my home value estimate?

If you got a home value report to get an idea of what your home will sell for, the next step is to talk to a local expert. You may be contacted directly by one of our RealAdvisor Pro partner agents, or you can reach out to one of them on your own.

A local expert will schedule an in person visit to further assess your home’s value, prepare a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and help you plan for a potential sale.

How often do I need to check my home value estimate?

The value of your home is dynamic. It changes based on the most current market data and market trends. You should check your home value when you have a need to do so, or if you are just curious.

Benefits of using our online home value estimator

An online home valuation tool is a simple, easy, and fast way to know what your home is worth in today’s market.
Since online home valuation tools are free, you can also save yourself some money in the process.

Automated home valuation

Will an online home value estimate online be reliable or accurate? In the majority of cases, automated home values are accurate. They work particularly well in metropolitan areas where there is plenty of data to feed the valuation tool.

Automated Valuation Models are widely used in many industries as reliable measures of home values. Banks use them often when issuing loans to borrowers. Insurance companies make use of them as well.

Your home value report at no cost

When you use our online home valuation tool, you will get an accurate and reliable home value report based on today’s market. The report is free and there is no obligation to do anything else.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A CMA is a commonly used tool that real estate agents use when they list a home for sale. Since the property is not appraised until there is a buyer who applies for a mortgage, a CMA is the first part of establishing a home’s value in order to list it at the right price.

What our clients have to say

RealAdvisor ratings
Adriano Gentilucci
Aug 21, 2022
Price estimation
Easy to use and and do not require intermediate steps to get an answer like registration, appointments to get an answer. All online.

You see your price estimation in a matter on your screen after a series of inputs. In may case the value range was a bit higher than expected, which was a good surprise for me.
Claire Simpson
Aug 2, 2022
Excellent service to discover current real estate values
An excellent service to help buyers and sellers properly evaluate the current prices of real estate. Extremely useful. Finally, the pricing power is not only with real estate agents and banks. Thank you, RealAdvisor.
Jul 27, 2022
Super easy to use property valuation website
I used this service to check the price of the apartment I lived in and I found the website to be super easy to use and very accurate compared with prices of a similar apartment in my building that was for sale last year. I’lld definitely be using this site before buying my first property!
Bruno Grayson
Jul 12, 2022
Real easy to use tools
Real easy to use tools! RealAdvisor sends you recurrent reminders to help you manage your appraisals and searches
Simone Arizzi
Jul 9, 2022
RealAdvisor is an excellent tool for a...
RealAdvisor is an excellent tool for a rapid evaluation of your property. Simple to
use, transparent and more accurate the more people use it.

How much is your home worth?

Free online property valuation in 2 minutes
Estimate your home value
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