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Predictably and reliably list more homes by getting introduced to qualified sellers every month.

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Stop worrying about when your next deal will come. Focus on listings to earn more money per unit of time and regain control of your life and business.

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Increasing listings automatically attracts more buyer and seller leads. More leads fuel the growth of your business.

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Recruit a team and feed them new opportunities every day. Start working ON your business instead of working IN your business.
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Receive seller leads. Consistently.

Receive seller leads. Consis-tently.

Get matched automatically with new sellers in your markets on a regular basis.

Follow the script.
No second-guessing.

Trust the exact same scripts that have made hundreds of agents before you successful.

Get organised.
Like a boss.

Get organised.
Like a boss.

Rely on a powerful CRM system designed specifically to help you get more listings consistently.

Close transactions.
Again and again.

Close transac-tions.
Again and again.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and consistency. You are now the proud owner of a growing business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The recommended marketing investment depends on the number of desired leads as well as the region in which you operate. In order for us to give you a quote, please book a call with one of our specialists.

How many ZIP codes can I choose?

There is no min or max number of zip codes, it depends on your marketing plan and leads objective. In any case, we recommend you choose a catchment area of at least 80,000 people so that you’ll see enough leads to grow your business.

Are the leads exclusive?

Yes, every lead is sent to only one agent.

Are ZIP codes exclusive?

No, we don’t offer geographic exclusivity. However, we do limit the number of agents in each region to ensure deliverability of enough leads.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

We will ask you for an initial commitment of 6 months. This ensures you’ll have a full pipeline of sellers, see results and judge the ROI.

Can my team collaborate in the CRM?

Yes, we offer the possibility to work as a team in the CRM.

Do you integrate with other CRMs?

Yes, we offer integrations with Follow-Up Boss, KV Core, Real Geeks and others through Zapier.
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