How much does a home appraisal cost?

Hannah Griffith
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August 23, 2022
home appraisal cost

During the house sale process, you may need an appraisal; providing a valuation report for a mortgage that a certified appraiser should draw is necessary. Home appraisal varies from state to state, and several factors affect it. Such as the house size, the residence area, and issues with your house. The average home appraisal cost in the US is approximately $331 and ranges between $288 and $374. An appraisal report is also required in divorce, deal, and separation cases.

Worry about how much an appraisal costs. A home appraisal depends on the houses worth concerning the market. There are several types of appraisal in the market, such as:

Exterior-AppraisalAppraisals conducted when the Appraiser drives past the property are called "drive-by appraisals."

Full appraisal: The whole visional exterior and interior is included in it. Pictures, areas, and renovation of the house are included in it.

Broker opinion: This type of appraisal is not usually used in buying and refinancing the house used in mortgage insurance cancellation.

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What is a home appraisal?

A home appraisal is an estimate of the fair market value of a property. It is based on several factors, such as the property's age, location, and condition. A licensed third-party professional carries out home appraisals to ensure an unbiased estimate. 

The appraisal process takes place after your purchase is accepted but before your mortgage is finalized. It provides your lender with confirmation that the property is worth what you offer. As a result, your bank or lender will usually arrange to hire an appraiser. However, the buyer will pay the full cost of the home appraisal.

How does a home appraisal work?

Home appraisals determine a home's fair market value by making an official assessment. Using data about the house, the surrounding neighborhood, and recent nearby sales, a licensed and impartial professional appraiser determines a home's value.  

In terms of what is examined during an appraisal, several factors affect the market value of a property at the end of the process:

Building and amenities. From the foundation of the building, appraisers closely examine the home's quality, design, age, safety, and structure. It will usually include the number of rooms and their design, the total square footage of the property and its use of space, dating, quality of light fixtures, small appliances, and larger appliances like boilers or other heating appliances, basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

Venue. Location is important in determining the value of a home. The neighborhood, local amenities and culture, schools, crime rate, and public infrastructure all play a part in the value of a home. Appraisers can also get a benchmark for a home's value by looking at other similar properties nearby.

Market factors. Your assessment will be influenced by the supply and demand for homes in your area and other parts of the country. Given the housing boom Canada has been experiencing throughout the pandemic, home valuations may currently reflect higher prices due to increased demand and the tight supply of homes (also known as the housing market). Seller).

How much does a home appraisal cost?

Several factors can raise the price of a home appraisal, even though the average home appraisal cost is only $350. There can be various costs associated with an appraisal depending on the individual appraisal company, where the home is located, the size and condition of the home, and any details you or the lender requirements.

According to national lender Quicken Loans, appraisals cost between $200 and $600. Appraisal costs vary from area to area, so it’s not fixed for every state.

Calculate the home value

An appraiser does nothing more or less than calculate the home value of the houseHe does this based on various aspects such as the type of house, the living space, year of construction, condition/maintenance (for example, whether the roof needs to be replaced), the location of the house, and the energy label. The location and living space, in particular, determine the value. The Appraiser does not look at the structural condition of the house. That is what a construction consultant does.

What affects the home appraisal cost? 

Size of Home/Lot

It costs $325 to $425 to hire an appraiser for a single-family home, but it can cost more than twice that for a multifamily property. The difference in time investment between assessing a small two-bedroom home and a massive 10-bedroom mansion is also why a small two-bedroom home generally costs less to assess.

The same principles apply to the appraisal of vacant land. A fee of $200 might be charged for an appraisal of an empty lot of land, but if you have several acres of land, you'll likely have to spend much more.

Location of Home/Lot

In cases where an appraiser can easily access your property or home, average home appraisal costs should apply. Your home appraisal will cost more if you live in a more expensive metropolitan area (starting at $600 in some cases). In the same way, houses in remote areas, such as mountains, may be more expensive to appraise because an appraiser may have a harder time reaching them.

Time of Year

The home appraisal cost will increase if it is more difficult to gain access to your property during the winter. So, the time of the year effect appraisal cost.

Recent renovations

The remodeling of certain rooms can contribute to increasing the price of a house. It is especially true for the kitchen and the bathroom. The home appraisal cost must be affected if you are not interested in renovating your house.

Physical, environmental and economic factors

As we mentioned, the value of a house is not always the same over time. It fluctuates according to different factors, divided into three main types. There are indeed physical factors, environmental factors, and economic factors. Here is a brief description of each type.

Physical factors

It is mainly the state of the property that determines the physical factors. The value of a property can change depending on the age or condition of the house or if it has undergone renovations or modifications over the years. For example, some renovations can significantly increase the value of a house.

Environmental factors

Essentially, environmental factors include the immediate surroundings of your home but may be harder to target. How do you feel about the reputation of your neighborhood? Has it improved over time, or did it deteriorate? Properties in sought-after neighborhoods increase in value over time as they become more popular and better.

Economic factors

Here are a few examples: interest rates, the key rate, economic stability, sales numbers, unemployment rates, supply versus demand, etc. The economy can influence property values within a region at the local or even national level. However, these factors are beyond our control. 

What factors influence the home appraisal cost?

  • Property size: It generally costs more for an appraiser to assess a larger property.
  • Amount of comps: If the home is isolated or has unusual features and there are fewer similar properties, the Appraiser might charge more for the additional time it will take to evaluate.
  • Seasonal conditions: You might be charged more at specific times of the year if conditions make it more challenging for the Appraiser to access the property.
  • Location: A large city or another area with a high cost of living typically has higher appraisal costs
  • Property size and complexity: The cost of an appraisal varies depending on the type of property, its complexity, and how much research is needed to determine its value.

Who pays for a home appraisal?

Home appraisals are the buyer's responsibility. In most cases, the lender requires payment up front, but in some cases, the fee may be included in your closing costs. To sweeten your deal, the seller may cover appraisal costs. If you are worried about how much is appraisal fee? Then remember it is $400 to $600. Nationally home appraisal cost is $340.

The Bottom Line: How much does a home appraisal cost

  1. A home appraisal is different and shorter than a home inspection, which can take 30 to 40 minutes. During this process, the Appraiser takes photos of the whole house, from the garage to a single room, and examines the house's condition. After analyzing the house from all aspects, he notes all drawbacks and upgrades. It will take half of the hour.

  2. After physical analysis, the Appraiser has to analyze comparable homes and neighborhoods by researching nearby homes' sizes and sale prices.  

  3. What do appraisers look for? It is the most wanted question that everyone wants to know after knowing the price of a home appraisal. No doubt, it is a hectic job for buyers and sellers, but it is rare that a home doesn't appraise. A professional real estate agent assists you during the whole process and provides you with answers to all your queries. Now you must know about the cost of an appraisal for a home and the whole appraisal process. Mostly home appraisal cost depends on the situation. What is an appraisal required for? So, the price can fluctuate.